Tilegit Surf School was founded by three friends whose lifestyle revolved around the ocean and surfing since their childhood in the place they call home – Playa de las Americas. It is truly the success story of how they turned their passion into their life’s work.

Earmarked by the locals as the only Surf School in the area to offer advanced surf lessons, Tilegit has had the privilege of coaching competitive surfers, including the pro surfer, Paolo Giorgi, the Junior Surf Champion of Spain, and Daniela Boldini, the winner of the Europe WQS las Americas Pro – Open division.

Since its launch in 2017, we have passionately pursued the adventure of making the learning experience extra fun for everyone who joins our school. Whether you are here to ride your first unbroken wave or a pro surfer looking to enhance your technique, we promise to expand your surfing horizon with our unmatched expertise in the sport, local insight, and love for all things las Americas. Catch your next adrenaline rush with us!

For the love of Surfing and all things las Americas



The original founder of Tilegit Surf School, Nacho Sebastia is a lifelong oceaneer, high-performance surf instructor, and entrepreneur. He started the School offering surf coaching only to advance learners which later diversified to cater to a wider audience. The honour of training several pro-level champion surfers belongs to Nacho.


Completing the trio is Nico Aguirre, another son of the ocean and surf instructor in love with the tropical life las Americas has to offer. As a first-class surfer, he is most at home in his second skin that is his wetsuit and is popular among our kiddie surfers learning to catch their first few waves. 


Raised in las Americas, Nacho Aguirre too was a surf instructor before he joined the Tilegit Surf School as a second partner and helped expand the business to include surf lessons for all levels. Full-time surfer, casual golfer, and nightlife enthusiast, Nacho is especially skilled with advanced-level surfers.


You also will find Paolo in our team, one of the best instructors. He is been training and doing competitions all over the world for a lot of years now winning the championship of spain in 2018. He will give you really important tips to improve your surfing. He can teach beginners all the way to advanced surfers.