Beaches to surf in Tenerife

Discover the best beaches for surfing in Tenerife. They are not actually beaches as such, due to the volcanic origin of the archipelago. We give you a list of the best spots to surf in Tenerife, rock bottom point breaks that are not very abrupt and easily accessible, even if you are a low or intermediate level surfer.



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The best beaches for surfing in Tenerife are not beaches as such, due to the volcanic origin of the archipelago, what we would consider the best spots for surfing in Tenerife are slightly abrupt and easily accessible rock bottom point breaks, even being a surf surfer. low or intermediate level, mostly. In this blog we propose to inform you of the best beaches for surfing on the island. In addition, we add 5 specific spots that are within the beginner-intermediate category if this is your case and you are looking for the best beaches to surf in Tenerife. Without a doubt for us these are the most distinguished areas to practice this sport:

  • Playa de Las Américas, in the southwest of the island.
  • El Médano, in the southeast.
  • Alcalá, on the west coast of Tenerife.
  • Taganana and Almáciga, located in the northeast corner of the map.
  • Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo, also in the northeast of the island, very far by road, but only a few kilometers from Almáciga to the west.
  • Puerto de la Cruz and the entire north of the island.

Playa de las Américas

We will start with Playa de Las Américas since it is where we are located and without a doubt the one we consider the best since it has more than 7 spots to surf, from waves that can be quite powerful to soft breakers and free of dangerous currents. It is also a very fun area to spend your surfing holidays, everything in this place increasingly revolves around this sport, you can find several shops and schools where you can book your surf lesson, as well as surfcamps in which without You will certainly have an unforgettable time. Las Américas, in addition to having the best beaches for surfing in Tenerife, is one of the tourist hearts of the Canary Islands, so it has a high level of leisure throughout the year.

El Medio is our star spot in terms of beginners and not so beginners, it is located in the heart of Playa de Las Américas and it is here where we teach most of our surf lessons. It is a rock bottom bay, very smooth and uniform that facilitates the entry and exit of the water. A place that, given its characteristics, whenever there is low tide, ensures a safe and fun initiation surf class practically 365 days a year.

El Médano.

Without moving much, just twenty minutes to the east of Las Americas we find El Médano, it is a world-renowned place for the practice of sports such as wind surfing and kite surfing, so it is probably not the place where you will find the best beaches to surf in Tenerife, however, days with weaker wind and somewhat capricious conditions we can find very powerful waves such as La Machacona or La Tejita and options for beginners on any of its sandy beaches. In addition, it is a town with enough charm, local people and active tourism come together in a place with more and more life and places of leisure, without a doubt a place to visit on your surfing holidays in Tenerife.

El Cabezo, one of the beaches of El Médano, best known for the practice of wind sports, also offers the possibility of surfing a wave for beginners on days with the worst conditions in the rest of the island. It is a wide sandy beach where your main concern should be to avoid disturbing and not being hit by a wind or kite-surfer, which are very abundant in the place.


Another twenty minutes, but this time towards the northwest, always starting from Las Américas, we find the area of ​​Alcalá, to which you should only go if you are an advanced level surfer. Three somewhat more complicated access peaks and quite powerful waves await you, in this case, we are talking about a fairly virgin place, so our recommendation is to always go in groups of two or three people at most so as not to overcrowd the peaks and always maintain respect towards local surfers.

Taganana y Almáciga.

In the northeastern tip of the island is the area of ​​Taganana and Almáciga, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire Canary Islands, it has three sandy beaches for surfing where you can practically find waves 365 days a year, Especially on those days when there is nothing on the rest of the island since as soon as there is something strong it is usually too much given its full exposure to any swell of the north component. It allows surfing for low levels as long as the conditions of the day are easy or you just catch waves on the shore. It is undoubtedly also a place to visit whether you surf or not, a completely different area from the rest of the island and where you can enjoy good fresh fish and Canarian food in an enviable environment.

Los Roques is one of the beaches in the area where less sea enters, so if you are careful with the currents and do not go very deep, or simply the day is very easy, you can enjoy a beachbreak of the most funny. Also, don’t forget to complete your day of surfing by eating a good fresh fish in any of the charming restaurants right in front.

Punta del Hidalgo y Bajamar.

Located a few kilometers to the west, this time from Almáciga, we find Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo, a wide stretch of coast where you can find innumerable waves to surf, from accessible for an intermediate level, to super powerful for practically only professional surfers Without a doubt, although we are faithful defenders of Las Américas, it would be debatable in this case if we could find in this area the best beaches for surfing in Tenerife. Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo are two small, not very touristy towns in the north of the island, so this time we also recommend going in very small groups of surfers and maintaining special respect for the locals. Without a doubt, here you can also enjoy good Canarian food and a completely different environment from the south of the island, more natural and less exploited by the hand of man.

Puerto de la Cruz y zona norte.

Finally, we find El Puerto de La Cruz and the northern part of the island. We would consider this place the second surfing nucleus of the island, behind Las Américas, in terms of shops, schools and leisure related to surfing. refers. We can find several sandy beaches to surf almost any day of the year, as in Almáciga, the rest of the days there is nothing on the rest of the island. But also very good quality rock bottom breakers if you are a surfer with some experience. In addition to the entertainment venues that you can find in Puerto de La Cruz, we also recommend stopping to eat at one of the famous “Guachinches” in the area, restaurants where they make their own wine and enjoy the local cuisine at a reasonable price. much lower than you can imagine.

Martianez, a spot located in front of the Puerto de La Cruz promenade, we find a right that re-forms within the bay and is the most fun for a low-medium level of surfing. Despite having some protruding rocks, these are quite easy to identify and avoid, so as long as you already control your paddling well you can enjoy the session without any problem.

El Socorro: beach also located to the north, and with characteristics very similar to Almáciga. It is one of those places that for local surfers is always an option when there are no waves on the rest of the island. If you are still starting out in this sport, make sure that, if you go to any of these places, the waves are very small so that you can enjoy your session to the fullest and not have a bad time.

In the world of surfing you should know that each place has its rules and above all that each spot is different, it is always advisable to inform yourself before making the decision to enter the water, either by asking any local surfer, the schools in the area, Or, better yet, hire a surf class to ensure an easy, safe and, therefore, more fun experience than if you were on your own.

In this blog we wanted to inform in general any person who intends to surf somewhere on the island and our humble opinion of which we consider the best beaches to surf in Tenerife. From Tilegit we demand from all those visitors, as well as locals, respect and conservation of our coasts. We hope to provide useful information, as well as always advocate for respect and coexistence between locals and visitors.

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